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please post tutorial with images


turn image to grey scale . Resize image to desisired dimensions ( don'yt worry about bluriness or pixalation- go to 'Image' then to 'Adjustments' then scroll down to Threshold' . When in Threshhold you can darken or lighten the contrast between the line and white background. From here take the image and use a gausian blur. This will actually take out any pixilation. Now you need to sharpen the edges - to do so take the image and use the 'unsharp mask' filter. Viola you have a great outline to use for screen printing purchases - I have done it plenty of times for the exact same purpose and it works gggggggggggreat!!

Jagadish Dulal

Designing means creation so don't afraid for that problems ask me i will help you mail me @ webmasternp@gmail.com only ok.

Jagadish Dulal

HEy why you r worried about that just use filter and motion tools to create line.

subash maharjan

how to make drop like effect in photoshop

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