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vijay gander

how to create a many passport size photo by photoshop on a a4 paper size
please give me reply


I need to place my pictures from photoshop cs4 to a removable disc so I can take them to a store. How can I do this?


IRINA's suggestion is way much better... Thanks irina.. alex

vicki sutton

I have been trying unsuccessfully to make a grid and then drag different pictures into different sections using Photoshop 4 for scrapbooking purposes. What am I doing wrong?

Erika Milvy

im using picture package (in photoshop elements) to make 4 pics on one page but the margins are all wrong, too much room on the right, none on the left, there seems to be a margin shifting fuction in page set up, but its all grayed out, any ideas?

Robert W Rudge

I often need to print several copies of the same image (passport size) on to one sheet of paper.
I have Adobe CS, but why on earth does this programme not have this useful little feature as in Photoshop De-Luxe I wonder and is there a way of doing it in CS apart from copy and paste multiple times ?
Alternatively, are there any plug-ins with this feature ?


after you become more advanced of a user, you will find that using photoshop "actions" to take the original photo> copy it into a new document> resize> move into place> and repeat as many and sizes that will fit, then have it automatically bring up the print preview. will save you hours of time each year. I did this for a digital photography studio in Denver a couple years back.


Does Photoshop CS do it? I cannot seem to find the answer to this question.


i could be confused but Photoshop 7 does allow for one to print multiple photos in different sizes on one 8x10 sheet of photo paper---go into file/automate/picture package and then choose whatever combo of sizes of pix you want and click on each shape to choose different images for each shape. sure you can also have the same phot for all the shapes.

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