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I figured it out, here's one way:

1. Create the text for the bottom half of your circle using the same method as you used on the top. So, you should have 2 circles with text at the top (running in a clockwise direction)

2. Simply flip the circle. Goto Edit -> Transform -> Flip Vertical.

You will see the text has flipped as well, staying upright along the bottom edge in a counter-clockwise direction.


Yeah i use PS6 too and can't find a good tutorial :(


Anyone know if I can make the text flow counter-clockwise? i.e. I want the text to go from 180 degrees to 0 degress (along lower half of the circle) but still be upright...

Fred Showker

NO... you cannot put text on a circle in Photoshop 6 using the vector text method as you would in CS2, CS3.


In version 6, you can use the "Warp Text" button... to the right of the text specs in the Options Bar, or you can use the "Polar Coordinates" command...

First: here's the tutorial we posted back during the years of version 6:


You will get better and faster help when you post your questions to the Photoshop 911 forums at:


or, here are two other pretty good tutorials which were posted to THIS blog several years ago -- now scrolled way off radar:





How do you put text on a circle?

using photoshop 6???

thank you

Charlie Comstock

Does this same set of instructions for placing text on a circle work with PhotoShop CS2 for Windows?

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