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In photoshop, the code of CMYK is different from the online converter. Anyone knows which one is correct?


I am writing to ask what is the best software for converting images from RGB to CMYK ? Does Photoshop CS4 do it and what do you think of that software? What is your best recommendation?

R henderson

trying to change Artwork, should be created in 300 dpi but i did it in 72 how do i convert to 300 with out causing distortion of the image please any help would be appreciated


sir ihave problam in scan time when i scan book page black color into 4 color i want black sprat

Michael Collin

Hi, I am currently having problems with an image that was created as an RGB file in Photoshop. I have converted the image to CMYK and adjusted all of the colour values so that they are pretty much bang on the original. The trouble starts when I convert the CMYK files into JPEGs or view the Photoshop file in a different viewing programme because these images now look completely desaturated, as though I had converted RGB to CMYK without altering anything, if not worse. When viewed in Photoshop the CMYK version of the original looks the way I want it but no matter what I export it as it looks totally washed out. If anyone could shed some light on this problem I would be most grateful.


hi i facing text color problem in photoshop, when i type a text in light color on a black image it show red but if i type in a dark color it don't show this problem can you please help me how i work with it, i've done everything but result is still zero


is there any new technology like printers or something to get the exact color from RGB when we change it into CMYK?And i am realli very happy to see a website which we can ask questions and espescially in the field of designing.


sir,even i am facing the same problem so wht can i do to change the RGB color to CMYK?And when i change it there is a very big diference in the image,so wht can i do to give a visiting card for printing?do i have to save the RGB into jpeg and give it or nothing can be done?
thanks a lot

Emad Baqer

i also need help if i converted my work (half way) from rbg to cmyk
well the color vallue be harmed in printing process
NOTE: i am coloring with sampel color of a cmyk mode created for my own paleta


Yes it's a pain, I need to produce design work for print companys that
are all using mac. I find the best solution is to go into there
studio and ajust the contrast and saturation when they have
loaded it into the mac! Have Adobe not spotted the huge profit
that could be made from the solution to this problem? If such
a pluggin was avalible I would buy it!


I also have problems like that?

Clayton Giovanni

Hey Guys/Gals

RGB Solution..If you have direct access to your printer..try just sending your files AS IS in RGB and NOT messing with them? You would be surprised..most printing machines have a HIGHER DEGREE of good conversion on the fly from RGB to CMYK. I didn't believe it myself till I compared and was WOWed!..

So..if you have a HIGH LEVEL RIP DEVISE OR A DARN EXPENSIVE COLOR PRINTER...Try sending RGB AS IS?!?...BETTER YET..because of profiles and all..SAVE YOUR PICS AS .EPS and then place in your files to send to a printer.

Have noticed if i print from photoshop all is good..but printing same 'tif/jpeg' out of a layout program really messed with colors. YEAH, I KNOW it's color management..but for now..I just send .EPS Pics...and they are great!



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