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I swear, these guys giving advice must work for file recovery companies. Listen, if you can preview it in windows previewer you can save it by viewing the picture at actual size and pressing ctrl + print screen to capture a screen shot. Do that until all the parts of the image have been copied. Meanwhile, you paste them into a new photoshop file. Arrange them until they blend seemlessly and save your file. It's as easy as that. If you can't see the file then your out of luck, but if you can view it in any program then just copy and paste the quadrants of the image and reconstruct it.

tim fry

I have just been panicking thinking id lost my file. Similarly to Michiel though I can open the corrupt file in another application namely illustrator. I guess if the file in question is not to badly corrupted other applications may be able to open it.
Good luck


I tried to open the corrupted file in Adobe Imageready and it worked.

Behzad Saeedi

I have the same problem, but when i click on the file in photoshop "Open Dialog" i can see the preview of the file, but still cant open it...
by the way is there any problem with "Photoshop CS2 ME" ? cause most of unexpected resets happened when im using this software. Is there any critical update that i have to download?

Thanks in advance,


OK, I got your tip. But what to do if the same problem appears but preview of the file shows it entirely ok with no misses? How to repair and/or open it?

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