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How do I locate the inverse option what menu, tool bar etc, is it in? How do I "flatten and image?" Could you give me step-by-step instructions starting with open the image. Sorry I don't speak geek yet and the instructions offered are assuming I know half the process.



Yes I am using a black background. I don't speak geek and don't know what flatting an image is. You are right on target though I am using a black background and will be doing the feathering you mentioned. Could you give me step-by-step instructions starting with "open the image."



I am trying to simple take an image and crop it so it is no longer square but oval. None of what is being said here is working. First off the MOMENT I draw the oval on the image using the elliptical tool it fills it in with color. (?) So I tried the copy paste option mentioned here. OK you copy where do you paste it?????????????

Tom O'Brien

I was able to create an oval around the desired photo the copy and paste it. Now the oval is in rectangle with white corners. How can a delete the white corners and retain only the oval.

Thanking you in advance.


fritzie p

Thanks for the information, Ross. It was really helpful. :)


this is great, thanks a lot..


It is easy . in photoshop 7 .

using Elliptical or Rectangular marquee tool, draw a shape on your actual picture, select Edit, do a Copy, then past.
you will notice, the layer become two layer, uncheck the eye on the original layer now you see your picture with a white and gray background. now you just simply save it according to your need... in jpeg file, etc..

Good Luck

Ross Henderson

Basically, you can't - assuming that you want a picture with an elliptical overall shape. Standard graphic formats assume a rectangular array of pixels.

However, if you can use an elliptical image on a rectangular background, then it's straightforward - use the Marquee to define a ellipse on the flattened image, then Select - Inverse, then fill the surrounding area. This can be very effective with a black background and with Feather set to a high value - known as a vignette.

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