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Photoshop 911 dot com is the reader response division of Photoshop Tips & Tricks a supplement zine of DT&G magazine started in 1990. In fact, early Photoshop developer for Adobe, Russell Brown was on our panel session at Macworld in 1990 to introduce Photoshop 1. Since the first launch on AOL, PHotoshop Tips & Tricks has been one of two original online resources for Photoshop.

Read past cases
Photoshop 911 patient cases, tips and tricks archives are located at the ongoing Photoshop Tips & Tricks at

Photoshop Problems
If you need assistance with the operation, tips, tricks, techniques etc., relating to Photoshopp or Photoshop Elements, then go directly to the EMERGENCY ROOM --

Submit a Photoshop Web Site to the directory
If you have a Photoshop focus site, or you know of a good Photoshop site, please add it to the directory database. Once a Photoshop911 volunteer has visited, and validated the link, the link and reference may be published in Photoshop, or any of the other Graphic Design Network sites. The resource will also be used, when appropriate, in email correspondence with patients to get them quickly to the help they need.

Contacting Photoshop 911
To contact us for anything OTHER than Photoshop or Photoshop Elements questions, please go to:


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