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Full Color Printing

I actually was faced with this problem some time and did not find the solution to it


I want to know how to proof a PMS color, the low tech way.


I have changed a file from RGB to CMYK for printing on business cards. The flesh tones on my subjects are red. How do I adjust this in photoshop?


Printing an 50x70" image and an 8x11" print data doesn't really matter. The color shift that your talking about is largely due to the discrepancies caused by the CIE L*a*b* color space model. You see when data gets to be printed on an inkjet printer there's what we call gamut mapping from the Monitor to printer color gamuts. One of these descripancies that the Lab color space is that it greatly exaggerates yellow and oftentimes underestimates blues. The hue in the blue quadrants is basically overpowered by the energy brought by the purple stimuli. So printer manufacturers really have to compensate this imperfection in the Lab color space and do extrapolation instead in their driver algorithm to get the exact gamut mapping of the nearest blue neighboor.

I hope this will answer your queries...Let me know what you think otherwise.


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