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sandra davis

Mirroring an Image (as stated in the previous post below)

I you want to make a side-by-side mirror, first I set the
Canvas Size to change the width of the canvas.

I can not figure out how toselect the image or portion of the image I want mirrored, tap "V" (the Move Tool) and hit Cntrl/J (Mac Cmd/J) to "float" a copy of the image in an active selection.

Flip Horizontal and move the image into position.

Can someone help me.
Thank you


I am using Photoshop 7.0 but I cannot find "Flip Horizontal" anywhere (not even in the Image drop menu). Please help! Thanks!

Jenny Lyn

Thank you so much. I'm gonna use the trick you told me as a wallpaper on my Friendster profile.

I was really having a hard time just to know how to 'mirror' the image and kept searching PS CS2 help.

Thanks again!


some comment

Vaibhav Gupta



hey yall thx fo the info i love this photoshop i was like damn its so good ill buy it and support them but ish when i saw the price i was like uck this ish i aint no bill gates to have that kind of money for a program even if its great like photoshope :) btw great tutorial thx for da help and KEEP IT FREE !
these days u hafi pay for all damn... :) Peace!

Bill A

it's a print option to mirror the image


Thanks for the help! was just what I was looking for too


I am trying to do the mirror image for a t shirt transfer. The picture will flip the the text will not. Help please


thanks for this, worked for me fine....


I want to create a reverse image side by side with the original. I have followed the instruction but get caught up at the last point. I double the canvas and lock the original image to the right side. I select the original image and hit cmd J (i am on a mac using photo cs2) and it indeed creates another duplicate image i move this image to the new area i have created and then select image flip horizontal but it flips both the images horizontally!!! Can anyone give me a hand?

Thanks very much

Jake Cochrane

Thank you so much. I was really wondering how to mirror images, and here ya have it!

Once again Thanks.


i tried the mirror part.. and i couldnt make the picture go side-by-side... if i do the "float" part (ctrl - v) it will go on the other side and leave the old side blank or white.
can anybody help me??

[PS 911 sez: "Float" is control J. ... your problem is you're floating the whole image, including white background. Select just the image you want "side-by-side" then Ctrl-J and with the move tool move it to the side. Hope this helps]


OK to flip an image on a mac

apple a
apple c
apple n
(name new pic and press enter)
image / rotate canvas / flip horizontal
apple v

save your new pic

Nancy Olivo

This is my first time using photoshop and I can't figure out how to take the text image I have created and either Mirror, Flip, or Reverse it so I can print it on a T-Shirt Heat Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers. I'm trying to take the text image and put it on a T-Shirt. Please can anyone help?

Thank You

Sandy Weis

Thanks for the quick tutorioal. I tried it & it worked like a charm

Frederick  Chipkin

Besides defining the pattern you can also create a repeat using the offset filter. When you use the offset filter make sure that the Wrap around function has been selected and make sure that the Preview box has been checked. You can use the slider bars to offset the image. After it's offset click OK and use your drawing and selection tools change the cut off motifs that are next to the seam so that they appear whole and part of the design. This last step will require some practice.
Thanks again,
Frederick L Chipkin

Frederick  Chipkin

IN RESSPONSE TO: Would you happen to know of any Photoshop books out there that give concise instructions on how to create repeat designs for fabric/ textile design?

Here's a very basic technique for creating a square repeat:


Creating a square repeat by using the Define pattern function
This repeat is used mainly for placing small uncomplicated designs into a square repeat. To start with open up a design in the Indexed color mode.

1. Choose the Marquee tool from the toolbox.
2. Located a motif in your design that you want to repeat.
3. Draw square box around it using the Marquee tool.
4. Click on Edit then drag down to Define pattern.
5. A dialog box will pop up.
6. Type in a name for your pattern and click OK.
7. Deselect the Marquee by clicking on Select then dragging down to Deselect.
8. Click on Edit then drag down to Fill.
9. The Fill dialog box will pop up.
10. Change the word that is next to the word Use to the word Pattern.
11. Change the Custom pattern (by clicking on the arrow next to it) to the pattern, which you have just defined.
12. Click OK. Your screen should now be filled with that pattern.
Save this pattern with a different name than the original. If the pattern doesn't look right click on Edit and drag down to Undo pattern, and then try these steps again.

If you want to see more advanced techniques you can go to http://www.designtextile.com/
and check out my book Adobe Photoshop for textile Design.
"Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design"

Rachel Miller

Would you happen to know of any Photoshop books out there that give concise instructions on how to create repeat designs for fabric/ textile design?
I'm new at learning the program, so the more specific, the better! Thanks!


Thanks! It was useful!



in the name of us all :)



I want an easy way to create a repeat (for textile use).. How can I get a motif to split half part at the top and half part at the bottom, or to split half in one side and half in the other... I need to create a repeat so I can design a fabric...


I understand the procedure explained above. What i would like to know if anyone can recommend a editing software to use and instructions on how to create a mirror image of my car on some water. which gives the reflection with a animated ripple effect of the water? any help or site would be greatly appreciatted.thanks

Lee Steadman

Flipping the layer worked like a charm.

Thank you!

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