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derek hollinrake

Helped me a lot too. I wanted to turn the mirror into a shadow, which flipping it vertical did fine. Then I filled it black which seemed ok too and stuck it below the car I had extracted from another file. I didn't do too well with the blur and distortion though. Any suggestions?


Val Ivanson

Thank you so much. I couldn't find the way to do this myself. You're a lifesaver!!


The only options that I got when I tried this under the image tab were to flip the canvas, and I'm only trying to flip one layer. Any ideas?

Okay, Patrick...

On the Layers Palette, choose the layer you want to flip. (Be careful, look for the familiar chain link in the second column next to the "eye"... any linked layers will be flipped too!)

Now, choose EDIT > Transform > Flip and select Horizontal or Vertical.

Presto... the layer flips to mirror.


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