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Adobe Photoshop CS4 is the best one for aging photos out of these!


Refine Footprints of Time- Reducing the appearance of aging is key. Many anti- wrinkle creams can reduce and refine the footprints that age leaves behind on the skin. Imperfections of folding and creasing of skin, coupled with the reduction in collagen production can be blamed for the treason. Applying the use of these remedies can help to replace and repair the damage done to skin. By replacing these important ingredients skin can be rejuvenated by the use of anti wrinkle and firming creams.


I've been looking for free ageing software for ages now! I'm really interested to find out if anyone knows of any? there are some that i have found but they always have a catch! 'get this software for free..but you have to buy something else'. if there are any that are free i would be very keen to know (:.
btw, i have tried the morph thing that was posted in comments - http://morph.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk//Transformer/ - and although it is very good, i dont think it is very accurate :(. It is still very cool though!! try it!! if anyone knows of one, im looking for something that you can input details such as health etc. as well as uploading picture :).
Please help!!! :D



see for Aging Software:


i'm actually looking for software where you can "preview" the results of plastic surgery ie replacing body parts like here are a group of noses etc -- input the ones u want and see the results type of thing --

if u have any ideas - would love to hear them



i want to know how to make present day pictures look like they were taken from an older camera.


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Hi! ---- Concerning the subject of finding an aging software
see this link --- http://www.iqbiometrix.com/products_faces_process_info.php
Hugs JNN


Online face morphing:


I was wondering if anyone out there has a tutorial where i could beautify a 60 years old face. Not just beautify it but make it look younger. If anyone know one out there please respond to ths post or better yet email me! thankyou so much


I'm looking for software that will morph pictures with a result similar to Conan O'Brien's "If they Mated" segment. I don't want the animation programs - just a still picture as the end result.


Never giving up with my search in finding software to age a person's face, I found a link that may help some of you who are interested in aging your own or someone else's face...

Best of luck,


I have a different query. I am currently in the process of doing an experiment for uni and need to know if there are any software programs that can make faces look younger. Does anyone know if this exists and if so where I can go to access it?


I have a different query. I am currently in the process of doing an experiment for uni and need to know if there are any software programs that can make faces look younger. Does anyone know if this exists and if so where I can go to access it?


I do not want to age the person, but Id like to take a digital image, and make it look like a photograph from say, ww2? are there any good ways of doing this?

Jim Minton

Here is an aging idea. I made an experimental film shich I call CUMPLEANOS or "birthdays" in Spanish. Everyone thinks it is a morph trick though there is no morph software involved. The trick was taking 52 years of photographs of my own face and aligning then one over another. This could be done with pictures of your father or mothers face or combinations of the three. Although I was trying to achieve in extended form what you are trying to achieve in a single image it can be effective. Herein lies the trick. You must find photos that have a relative rotation one to another, I found that photo alignment straight on, were most effective but no more off center than to see both eyes, the nose mouth and chin. All photos are hopefully of a similar resolution. Take your primary image and create a target using a horizontal line for eye balance with 2 small vertical slashes for the eye centers, a thin centered rectangle as a nose window, a horizontal line for the mouth, completed with a vertical center line. Save this target and you may want to use it as a layer. You can scale distort images as layers or scale them preliminarily on the target. Using layers, align and working with layer modes and some lowered opacity erasing and you can get an interesting and uncanny effect.
But of course you would need to have photos of the young to adult comparatives or the young and a comparative age of the parent or possibly a sibling.
Even though it gives my Mom and girlfriend the creeps, you can see the interesting results I achieved on the experimental film at
www.post-videoarts.com it is the first film on that site. CUMPLEANOS has been included in the Austin Museum of Video Art, www.amoda.com.Thanks
Jim Minton

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