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Linda L Lanese

Can I create a metal gradient with Rivets? Like an aircraft skin? Can I make a gradient and then save it as a .grd file?



How do you create a GRD file in PCS2?

Fred Showker

Photoshop will not see the custom gradient from Paint Shop Pro. You'll need to build it within Photoshop. Just follow the previous instructions...

"Darkish Paint Swirls" ... you've posted this to the WRONG PLACE. Chances are it will NOT be answered. You need to post your questions at the receiving area: Emergency Room


I'm trying to use a shiny brass gradient from Paint Shop Pro to fill letters in PS and don't know how to convert it to a '.grd' file. PSP converts files to .psd files so I converted it to a Photoshop file only can't convert it to a PS gradient. None of the colors in the gradient tool editor are close to what I need. Any help will be very much appreciated.


How can I create a background in Photoshop made up of lots of darkish paint swirls similar to the ones that a lot of portrait photographers use in the studio?

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