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I have been using "Layer Style -> Stroke" to create round cornered rectangles, which I think is an easier way.

The steps are:
1. create a new layer (let's call it Layer1)
2. rectangle marquee > draw a rectangle on Layer1> fill it with any color
3.1 Layer1 > Create a Layer Style > Stroke
3.2 Adjust the stroke color and size
4. Ctrl + T (Edit > Free transform) to tweak the rectangle to your liking
5. Freeze the layer style by creating another new layer, and merge it with Layer 1 (select both layers and press Ctrl + E)
6.1 Ctrl + left mouse click on the merged layer
6.2 select the picture layer where you want to apply round corners to
6.3 click "add layer mask"
7. turn off layer1's visibility, and now you have a rectangular picture with round corners

The full tutorial can be seen at:

michelle r

awesome! and being a beginner in photoshop, i could understand the instructions. thanks so much!


Thanks for there great info. Here is another round corner generator: http://www.roundz.net/


hey there.

i have photoshop Cs2.. so none of this really works.
could you maybe explain it to me for cs2?

it's be much appreciated :D


Thanks so much :]

Bub Ba

Doesn't work.

Here's what I get when i try to delete my inverse selection:

"could not complete your request because the content of the layer is not directly editable"

Rich Boy

Thanks man. This really is the best tutorial on making rounded corners in photoshop.

I read at least 5 others and they recommend using the modify, smooth method, but that crops a few pixels off the whole image and thats not what I need.

I had to read your tutorial a few times to actually understand it, but it was worth it because now I forever know how to make rounded corners of any size. Once again, Thanks!

Rich Boy


How to crop rounded corners of rounded rectangle


great this helped me a lot thank you (:


On making a rounded corner using a path, when I try to select inverse, THE INVERSE IS GREYED OUT _ WHY?


How do you take a jpg picture file and round the corners ?

The picture is square. You can't select it with a rounded rectangle tool because that is for creating a rectangle from scratch.



perfect and simple... thank you do much!

Derek Kerl

The summary Alex made in the comments was pretty helpful...

; D


Does this tutorial work with Photoshop CS2??


This is exactly what i was looking for, thank you. I wish there was a rounded rectangle marquee tool to cut the steps down - is there? Is there a way to create a tool (that may be asking alot there). I'm using 7.0 so it may even already be in the latest version, anyways thanks guys very helpful

Das Brain

You know I have to say that this is probably the best and only instructions that got it right or correct.
I went to alot of other Google search results for Photoshop rounded rectangle crop and they all had bad unclear, and fluffy instructions.
Photoshop911, thanks for the great short and accurate instructions, all I wanted to do was to crop a small picture and your site has taken out the frustration.

I've bookmarked Photoshop911, and will put it in my blogroll in the near future. Regards.

Das Brain


I thought it's much harder than this. But it is so easy. THX


how do you do a round corner rectangle on photoshop 5.0? I've been trying and can't find a tool or anything... :(



1. Create a path > Rounded rectangle
2. Convert path to selection > Paths panel which one next to Layers panel
3. Inverse the selection then cut


i don't get the active selection in layers? what's wrong? i can make the paths and the shape but when i go back, there's no active.


Thanks for the tutorial! Saved me a few hours of messing around in CS2 =)


Perfect tutorial. I would have spent another hour trying to figure it out before giving up... Thanks!


What a wonderful site! Very helpful.
Thank you.


You can easily add rounded corners to your images online at: http://www.online-image-editor.com

You can specify the radius, and even have a border color


i didnt understand anything. =(

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