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Photoshop Tutorial

I like using Photoshop brushes for this effect.

web designer

You should have mentionned about the correct background color and luminance. Myjanee link, on the other hand, is one of the finest tutorials around

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I feel I have the simplist "?".... I just need to know how to select a paper type when in photoshop using a mac... WHERE can I select my paper type.

I am using photoshopcs2...can you help


nice tutorial ... have tried it and its good. oh and ella he is using CS it might be in select (am not sure) either way the outcome was awsome thank you.



When I needed to get torn paper edges QUICKLY for an in-house web project I found a highly effective and extremely fast way to get them. I tore a piece of colored paper, and scanned it. Then I just changed to color of the paper to match my needs. The advantage to this method is that it's extremely easy to use, and amazingly realistic (as it is real paper).

Ella Visani

Just to comment on the Torn Edge tutorial, the Filter 'Torn Edge' is in the Sketch group. There is no group called 'Select' from the Filters meno option. I think this may have been a typing error.

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