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Pen tool is useful in adobe photoshop and there are many designers use this tool. It helps to make for circle and different task in photoshop.

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The pen tool in the photoshop is the useful tool and the creating the circle with the help of this tool is very easy by using the "pen" icon..
anyways its a nice choice of writing about important topic like this !

Tommy Gastofrake

How do you find the pen tool in Photoshop 7.0? I cannot find it and want to know how to use it!


When I right click to stroke a pen tool path, I get the brush stroke visible just at the anchors (as little circles) but not between the anchors. I've followed the instructions on the tutorial, & deleted the path but I still can't get a stroked line, just a series of dots where the anchors were. What should I be doing in the settings?

thanks, Lisa

kaleb m. simpson

im a nice and kind person trying to know who do u edit your pics




How do use the patch tool?


How do make the Logo's on the photoshop?

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u mean that i can make avectors to training use apen tool?

Sheena McNamara

My School Recently had CS2 Installed and I can't get the pen tool to fill the stroke path the thickness I want, it's only fills this thin little line like the Line tool in MS paint (smallest one), I checked the brush size, and it's size 10, it won't pressurize or anything, I can't get my work (Lineart) done because of this


How do you draw a circle using the pen tool in photoshop?

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