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i want to do my black and white to the color picture


I would use the lasso tool to carefully select the elements that you want to retain as color - you may even want to feather the selection by a couple of pixels if it looks better.
Once you have these selected, invert the selection so that everything except the eyes/lips are selected, then desaturate the layer. The portrait will be B&W except for the eyes/lips.
If desaturating doesn't give you the best B&W (probably won't), then an alternative approach would be to duplicate your portrait layer, convert the background to B&W and then on the duplicated (color) layer, select the eyes/mouth with the lasso as before, invert and hit delete to get rid of everything except the (color) eyes and mouth.


i think the easiest way to do so would be to select the areas of detail separatly, save them to a new project(just a blank background) make the original picture grayscale then copy and paste the detailed color areas back in place.. im not sure if it will have the desired effect but it should work

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