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open photoshop 7 and hold CTRL + ALT + SHIT + A a window will popup click OK.
It will reset all your tools and program setting. you don't have to reinstall the software.


Yes Brad Sims, hit the Caps Lock key on the keyboard. This switches between Precise and Brush Size cursors. Another way to do this is go into Edit>Preferences>Display and Cursors and set the radio button you want there.

CS2 Tip: In CS2 you can do a mixture of the precise and brush size, where it shows the outline of the brush with a crosshair in the center... its really handy to do so, especially when cloning and you want to align stuff.

Brad Sims

I read about the cloning tool on PS 7 that was not working. Mine is working, but the defining outline that forms the boundary for the area being sampled has been replaced by a crosshair cursor. Any way to get my outline back? It is harder to tell what is being sampled without the visual cue.

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