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Arman Hussain Khan

When I initially open the software and use, I recieve no problems. But as I continue to use it, the Help window abruptly opens even though I have never clicked anything that should open the help window. And the weird thing is that more and more windows continue to open and the only way to stop it, is by actually cliking in the help window. But when I resume work in Photoshop the whole process continues and there is like 15 windows opening at the same time all of them showing the Help window! Please reply ASAP as I am not able to do work in Photoshop! Thank You!

PS911 Says:

You must be using the WINDOWS operating system.

This is a systemic problem, NOT a Photoshop problem.
Chances are you've got SPYWARE installed and/or any number of virus.

Disconnect cables from Ethernet or the Internet and see if the problem continues. If it does, then the problem is local. Clean the system of spyware or virus and reload Photoshop.

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