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I have come across the following information on getting the AA look -
Channel Mixer
Adjust the sliders as follows

Red 160
Green 40

Merge layers then convert to greyscale.


I am a fresh interior designer / decorator . i need to know which is the best product from Adobe family for me to design rooms and offices.
Your help is appreciated .


Arindam Chakraborty

Dear Sir,
I'm a student of Photoshop. I'm from India. If you assist me to learn it then I will be oblidge very much. If you kindly give me some tips about layer mixing and channel mixing.


Hi, I'm stuck! i'm trying to make my pencil scan layer match the flat colors of the layer underneath, in order to make the image look like it is blended, like an illustration. I was told to use the preserve transparency box but i cannot find it anywhere, after hours of searching, or to lock the pencils layer but that doesn't work either. I'm using photoshop 7.0 and am losing my mind trying to get that nice illustrated bleded look to the picture. Please respond with help at your earliest convenience.


I assume you've got a white background from your scan.

Since we really can't see what you're doing -- the best advice for
working with the set-up you've described is to test the blending
modes for the scan layer.

I would start with "Color" ... but if that doesn't do it, just
experiment. Blending modes button is found on the layers
palette and you can pull-down and select your poison.

See if that works

Bill Kittredge

I got some great photos during a recent AK vacation. I also got *.JPG but they display either in sepia or b/w. When I check properties, it shows 24 bit TrueColor. Is there a way to get them displayed or changed so they are color photos?

Unless they were shot in color, then converted to Sepia, B/W there's no magic button that will make them color again. Do you still have the raw photos on disk or camera card?

(NOTE: We've had readers shoot photos in "special" settings on their cameras, giving B/W or Sepia results and they didn't know they had mistakingly switched camera settings. Could this be the case?)

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