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I would like to create images with round corners. I used the rounded rectangle tool and sized the corners, then used the drag method to select the area. It immediately became the color of the foreground and there I'm stuck. What do I do next?


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to make borders alot of times I find it is easier to just scan in raw materials, like paper or fabric. This give me much more of an authentic edge. I use some of the selection tools and path functions to get good selections and then I save the paths and selections as a mask. That's just my personal way of doing it, it seem fast and I get good variety.


i found second one effective i tried it works! i have same question but un answered first post i didnt undersand i am not too well in using brushes. and also dont know how to use artistic brush too. i need to know how to create or get decorative page borders ?


1. Open any image>
2. Make a selection using the “rectangular
Marquee Tool” (M)
3. In your layer pallet> add a layer mask
4. Then go to Filter>Brush Strokes>Sprayed Strokes
and play with the stroke length etc. You can
apply other styles too.
I hope this answers your question or at least gives you a point start.
Too easy.

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