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I have a file that has a 3D object inside saved in photoshop as a .psd and somehow it wont open anymore. It says its not recognized. I tried finding the temporary files but I assume photoshop already deleted them. Is there anyway that I can fix it or AT LEAST extract the actual texture layers from the file (the 3D object its-self is not important). PLEASE HELP!

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Thanks for this post. I always encounter a problem like this, one time all my important files was corrupted and i don't know how to fix this, so i had no choice but to start all over again typing and searching my project.


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I transferred a large quantity of extremely large files (500 mb - 16 gb) from one hard drive to another and some of the files are corrupted. From the information I have read I am not sure if this is a memory problem or a hard drive problem. The issue is a hardware or software problem but which one?

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i was working in photoshop cs3 ,i saved the file at the time when power goes,after power came when i open the same file it is not getting open,i tried in photoshop 07 also .even than icant get the file ,so how to recover that file


I drawn a picture using photoshop cs3 then i saved the file just after the saving I had to face power failure, when power fix I restart the computer & now I cant open the photoshop file, it says the file is not compatibal with this version. Then I did try to open the file using illustrator & some other softwares but can't open
How I open this file.


working in photoshop CS2 large layered files. Do some changes, then close the file, when i open it again the error reads "Could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop" other errors are this is not a photoshop document. How do i fix this problem?



well the pictures on my laptop dont show up
i have to right click them and click show picture
for them to show up


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nilesh pawar

while working on psd file the light goes off.os i quickly save the file as i have ups..as soon as i saved the file i closed system through ups..bt wen started again that psd file got corrupted.i shows as .temp extension & corrupted.i have the photoshop temp file still in comp..
plz tell me hw can i recover this file..that is very imp work im doing.
plz plz help me with this

Matthew Lands

I am trying to move files back to my computer, from CD. I am bringing up the D drive folder. Then I select the files that I want and copy them to a folder on my desk top, but when I try to open these files in Photoshop Elements, I get the message, " these files may be truncated or incomplete" I have the option to open them anyway, and I have done that. When I work in the files and reburn them to another disc, they cannot be opened by the AGFA or color photograph print computer at my local photo lab. Could someone please advise?


I saved a bunch of pictures on photoshop after having changed hue saturation etc. For some reason, when I open them again it is written "could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document." I look under properties to notice that it is marked as an "AHU file" and that the only program that it can be opened from is through photoshop. However all my pictures are not opening, and I have no idea what an "AHU" file is or how to convert it to psd. Help!

Ruben Venzor

as soon as i open any photoshop file about 5 to 10 secends i get this message:
"Could not complete your request becuase of a program error."

James Nolloth

Hey, Please can anyone help me.

When i save a file on PhotoShop CS2, its ment to save as a PSD, right? But it don't it saves as a T File? Which then i can't open in PhotoShop so thats all my work down the drain! How do i get rid of these T Files and bring back my PSD's!


Dear can any one tell me how can I corrupt my psd files if I need after a particular time period is there any possibilities. Please let me no. Or is there any code to do so please mail me at my mail address its



How do you open the temp files? I tried the way Kyle Patrick suggested and it's not working.


Very sad situation. I have over fifty photos and videos that dont open at all. On Photoshop it says: " could not open because JPEG maker segment lenght is too short (the file may be truncated or incomplete). " Can you give an advice or help me in any way? Thanx. :(
I had it copied to CD and when I tried to watch it, it failed. I havent got it on my memory card. But the other photos are alright. Can the poor things be saved?

Jeff F.

When using flash media, it's extremely important that after "copying" any files over to desktop or from desktop to flash drive, that you EJECT the flash drive, either by dragging it to the garbage (mac) or right click > eject on the drive name (windows). Data transferred from flash media is often cashed and when the drive is removed, it has not completed writing, or has not closed files / transfers.


so..there's no way to recover those??
I am so sad..
i worked so hard on my file, and while I was saving it, my computer crashed, when I opened it, It was a mess, red, yelloy and black lines and noise-like dots. T.T
but The weird thing is that the prevew shows exactly how the image should look like.
T.T I am so sad....I always save copys with different names, thid time I didn't and look what happens

Crystal Spies

Thank you for the responses, although I have been saving the images from my compact flash to my desktop, then to a CD. So, I am still stuck with the same question regarding why I may be getting the truncated/incomplete error on my jpgs. I don't know if it is the compact flash, the CD I am saving it to or Photoshop CS2. I transfer them via CD to my computer at work, work on them, save them, then try to reopen them and the message then appears. I am still unsure of what the problem may be. Thanks for your help!

Crystal Spies

I had images (jpgs) on my Sandisk Extreme III compact flash and I trasnfered them to my desktop, then I opened them in photoshop, corrected them , then saved them. When I went to reopen them in Photoshop to make additional changes I received the message, "This document may be damaged (the file may be truncated or incomplete)." I talked with Sandisk and they gave me a few options like formating my card on the computer instead of on the camera, but I was wondering if this may be a photoshop issue. I have an important shoot soon and I wanted to pinpoint the problem before I shoot again. Thanks!!!


Hello Crystal...

I'm afraid I've got bad news.
In my Photoshop classes at JMU, I see a lot of my students losing
important work to flash drives. And, it doesn't seem exclusive
of any particular brand. It got so bad, that I now strongly suggest
NOT to use them.

Besides, for archive or transport, simply burning a CD is as cheap
for the students, and much more reliable.


Out of Photoshop, SAVE the file to the computer. THEN out side
of Photoshop, COPY the file to the Flash Media.

But if the file is really, really important, burn a CD, or save to
a more substantial drive like any of the inexpensive pocket
drives, or an iPod.


you convert a gif file, by loading it into photoshop, then go to ,
Image > mode and choose rgb, then also double click the layer "which will say background" give the layer a name, then go save as and choose photoshop psd,

You prob havnt' been able to save as a psd because, ur image mode will be indexed colour because its a gif, so simply change the mode to rgb and save as.


You could try acdsee. But its dificult to recover corrupted files. In video it´s alot easyer!



Kyle Pattrick

Does anyone know how to open these temp files? I lost a few hours work on a new piece by not saving & my computer crashing. Yet the temp files are still on the hard drive.


Move the file to a new folder, and rename it.
Quit then re-boot Photoshop and it should open.
I've saved many this way -- (On a Macintosh)
but move it before Photoshop sees it again or it's gone.

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