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Thx for the tutorial, i just post the video here


These tutorials are all very useful and will help in a lot of cases but I notice that all the examples have very plain backgrounds. What happens if you want to extract from something more complicated. For example, a figure from a street scene or an animal from woodland?


To the professional retoucher who says it takes years of training: it took me about an hour to learn how to do a great job of selecting fine, neutral detail in Photoshop by reading a few excellently written tutorials on the web.

Get with the program, Daddy-O! Redundancy beckons!

Bishal Manandhar

Hey HellooooW !!!
I got in a cross that when selecting the images of a Person,Selecting the Hair is very difficult and is a problem too,so can u help me for this,Please.

John Warren

I came across this site: www.majgaj.com/chroma and did purchase the ebook of his explaining how to do complex hair extraction in just five minutes.

I have to say this was one of best purchases I have made so far as now I'm able to do most of my green screen shoot extractions about 400% faster than previously.

Sanjay Kumar Prasad

Hello Sir,
I wants the breaf step to select hair.
and also coloring of golden.

Akash Pradhan

Its not that much easy but it is solely depends upon the picture's background.If the background is bright the dark hair can be easily selected by using 'background eraser tool' or by using 'magic wand tool'.But incase of dark and gloomy background the hair selection becomes much more difficult.To handle this situation just use a soft brush to erase it partially and try to make ur new background colour same as the previous background colour.In this way you can have a clear hair selection over another background.you can also use 'dodge tool' to get a proper selection of the hair.


i have another tutorial, in this tutorial, you'll learn how to make hair selection within 3 minutes



i am working as graphic designer but i don't know how to select hair. pls help me.


Sometimes there are a lot of objects of different colors are under different areas of hair. So, to make a mask, its good to use "dodge" tool to create contrast between background and hair. If, for example, total color of back is darker than hair, its better to make it much more dark (almost black) by dodge tool (range: shadows), and hair to make as white as possible (range: highlights). Its much more usefull than working with levels or chanels etc because you can control contrast ranges in exact area of hair.
honestly, i`m still looking for more "automatic" solution for the problem

english in russian edition =)


How can i create a page looking like an old torn page

Sanajaoba(Mayang Imphal Manipur)

I have gone through many comments on the internet abt the selection of hair but i dint get any proper idea. so, Pls let me know how its .......

Ihsan Kamal

Hoooooooooooooooi, use extract filter

Then draw around the hair and all picture what do you want.
(brush only touch on hair. do not touch other side)
(don't stop mouse during draw. if stop start and finish without gap)
and take fill tool ( see left 2nd one ) then fill inside the selection then ok. how is it....


i am from in india can u e-mail me full detail regarding
adobephotoshopcs2 so that i can make my career in it


hello sir,
i would to have a duplicate coloured hair on my present hair please help me to get them in bangalore

Ovidiu Badita

To select hair, you need to use all you know about photoshop and make the best judjement about a particular case. The problem is not "how to select the hair" but "how to use that picture and to look natural in the new enviroment?" So the most important thing is to know how the diferences betwin new background and old background and take visual advantage from diferent particular situation. You can select using channels, paths, brushes, etc. You don't have to use only the hair from that picture, but you can add more and erase the one that is hard to select. Think outside the box. Is hard to make a tutorial, but I can give a good advice about how to retouch a particular picture for a particular project. Not all picture allow acurate hair selection. Just draw the hair back. Use hystory brush... etc.

vidya maske

I am DTP Operator last 3 year but i dont know how set duplicate face to another person i will not judge perfect


this is much easier....
select background eraser (in eraser tool),
in optin make the Sampling-once,
and limit-contiguous,
and keep the tolerance around 30...
then start erasing the backgroung using the tool...


i have the same problem than Ossman , how to write in arabic with PHOTOSHOP CS 2



Actually is not the most easy thing to do but is not the most difficult either, some pictures work better than others whit this next process. First you must make a not exact selection around the person you want to extract, and the push the mask button, then you go to your channels palette and select one by one to see which one gat the mayor contrast with the background (usually is the red but can be any of them). now duplicate the channel you have select and give it some levels to turn it more black and white and no grays. Press control and click this channel inverse the selection and duplicate the layer whit the person in it un mask it and re-mask with that new selection is ,not exact but the work left is really not a big deal. Hope you get it. se it. and try once and again.

Ben Laddy

I'm a professional retoucher. It takes YEARS of training to select hair, flesh and clothes out from an image of a professionally photographed model which is usually done with proper lighting and a neutral background. Now, for retouching on my own snapshots. I simply use the channel and calculations method (visit Adobe's site for this) and can knock out the majority of background crap and isolate desired areas very easily. This is a very versatile method and can help you select MOST of the hair you might reasonably want to correct and will be fine for on-screen and snapshot viewing. If you need to retouch an image that will be hanging off the side of a building, send the work to a retoucher.


Make a path around your subject using the pen tool. When you get to the hair intentionally go about an inch above the hair line. Make your path a seletion and mask it off. Then Make a square seletion around the hair. Do a Select Color of the background around the hair. This will give you a pretty close selection and then with the paint brush mask out the background. You can bring back or subtract hair as you please


there is a tutorial all about color channels...

color channels are much better then the wand for fine selection.


Fred Showker

I posted some links to good tutorials in a recent "Photoshop Madness" column

Have fun


i want to know how to change my hairstyle in photoshop cs2

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