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earl bronsteen

How do you tone a picture sepia in Photoshop 5.5

Tom Miller

very interesting your tutorial


ı m bünyamin araz and ı need to tutorials


Another easier way of giving the photo a sepia tone is just three easy steps:
1. Open the photograph in photoshop
2. Go to Window -> Action to show the action window
3. Now scroll down to the Sepia Toning Action and click on Play Selection.
Thats it.... your photo looks old fashioned.

Srimant Dash

Here's How:
1. Open the image in Photoshop.

2. If the image is in color, go to Image > Adjust > Desaturate and skip to step 4.

3. If the image is in grayscale go to Image > Mode > RGB Color.

4. Go to Image > Adjust > Variations.

5. Move the FineCoarse slider down one notch less than the middle.

6. Click on More Yellow once.

7. Click on More Red once.

8. Click OK.

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