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This happens every time I save or open from a network location - I usually lose all connectivity to the network drive after opening/saving. Its probably the most annoying and crippling bug (and it is a bug) of photoshop dating way back - over several versions. Can't expect much from a 700$ program I guess.


Try deleting or changing your settings file to reset to default. We have the same case but what I did, I restored the setting of cache levels to 4 (default) 'cause previously I changed it to 6. I ran several tests and damn I solved my problem and got back to work. Hope this helps.


I just ran into this with Photoshop CS (8.0) with a layered TIFF file saved to a network drive. Even after moving the file to my local drive, I could no longer open it ("Could not complete your request becuase of a program error.")

A co-worker with Corel Draw could open it, but I could not. Over the next weekend CS2 arrived and was installed by our IT people. Surprise! CS2 had no difficulty opening the file. CS still can't.

I still have no clue why it happened (this was the first time I'd ever seen it). However, it appears the solution is to use another program to access it, or see if another version of Photoshop can handle it and fix whatever corruption got into it.

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