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photoshop cs4 or cs5 go to edit, preferences, general, performance and make sure you are letting photoshop use a little bit more ram than the ideal range if not move the blue bar till you provide enough ram to use, this will resolve all kinds of software issues

Mello urnan

An other option. Don't change the background when you start. Make a new Layer and start from there. + don't make the background layer black basically.



i have a serious issue with my photoshop cs4, I DID ALL THE ABOVE! but still when i try to paint something pink it turns it back to grey, i changed all the settings many times back to RGB but even on RGB it doesn't work.

Am i doing something wrong?

Danny Webb


I'm working on a black & white photo in PS7 and I'm trying to make the Roses in her hand in color while the rest of the picture is still b/w. Can anyone walk me through this.....PLEASE.



You must be working with the color setting turned to grayscale

change to any other and it should work


image/mode/then make sure its not on grayscale

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