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How useless!
If the person is using PS 7, they can't use color match!


hi i have a problem i am not able to blend two images in a way that it shows that lighting is comming out of the hands ......... kindly help me with this tutorial of this sort plz send it to me on my email address koool_afridi@yahoo.com


how do I match the color of one part of someones body, to the rest of there body? Like, if there were some weird discoloring and they wanted it to be covered up.


You posted an answer which requires CS, however the original question came from someone with PS7, NOT CS. Is there a way to do this in PS7??



I would like to know how I can replace a bodypart with an object (say a a pen for a finger). I mean how can you make a plausible gradient transition from the one to the other and make it believable that it is actually attached to the body?? Thanks in advance!


hi i want to know theo morphing of two images with pictorial xample. pls hlp me

Photoshop 911 answers
See tutorials at: Photoshop Tips & Tricks


how can i make my own brush

Photoshop 911 Replies:

We cannot answer based on the symptoms you've provided.

You need to supply more specific details to the photoshop-medics in the emergency room at photoshop911.com/emergency.html


How To Make A Digital Images In Photoshop.Give Me Two Examples With Photos.

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