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im new at silk screen.how do i download adobe photoshop.and what kind of printer do i need.thanxs


iam looking a tutorial in photoshop ,especialy in silk screen printing, wher i get it ,

cool ethan

I work at a screen printing shop. I am also curious on how the people at my work do what they do. But what I CAN tell you is that we mostly do NOT use process CMYK colors. Also, if it is a black and white image, and the shirt is black, it is one less color you need. And with black and white, it is usualy two different grey tones, and one white.

With color images, they use dots, but not in the way you all are trying to do. It is hard to explain without showing, but although CMYK is hardly used, it can be.
On my press, and others I've seen in other print shops, you are limited to eight colors. That sounds like alot, but for many shirts you also need and underbase to make the inks come out opaque.
the 4 times rule is real, but you may still have to worry about dot gain, meaning whatever size you want your dot, make it a bit smaller. Screen printing deals with liquids and gel like substances, so some will bleed out a little. But if the print shop is any good, you shouldn't need to worry too much.

good luck!

nse usoro

we are in need of the following:
4-color,1 station screen printer with exposure unit,flourescent uv table top,conveyor dryer,spot heater,please,provide price

Charles Armstrong

This is the fist time i am trying to print a black & white picture. How do i get the screen to look like the picture on a shirt. Do i have to do 2 screens one in black and one for the grays. I use phototshop and Illustrator. Can anyone help.


Hi, really important. I prepare my artworks on illustrator, and they are all 3 to 4 colors. But my printer is asking me to separate them or they'll charge me to do it. And i have no idea how to separate colors etc. Can anyone help me out, would be very thankfull :D my email : hashim@varsally.com thanks!

David Porter

How do I do put a dot in my art work for for when gradients are in it? I heard there is some way to put a screen on it?

Craig Bond

There are a few programs on the market that are plguins for Photoshop that work great. One is called Photospot and the other one is made by Wilflex called Easy Art.



Umer Farooq

is that any free plugin for simulated process separation, or anyone know or have a good tutorial to do simulated process separation with photshop cs, i want please help me.


how can make screen print design in photoshop/illustrator?


I knew of a way to seperate colors in photoshop. I would change a picture to grayscale and then back to RBG scale even though it would still show up black and white. Then I would click on areas that used to be red (to a certain extent) for instance. I would do this for all the colors I wanted and then I could print out each color template ( it would print black) that way I could use it for photo emulsion for silk-screen printing. However I forget all the steps, can you help?

Bruce Parrott

Is it possible to make separations on velum and a laser printer rather than film?

Derek Carr

There is a program on the market titled "FastFilms" that does exactly this. If you check out their website, you can download a free trial. Basically, it is a really complex plugin for Photoshop that will convert a full color image to multiple spot colors by making complex selections and then sending them to their own "spot" channels. Usually, two of those spot colors is white. One for the underbase and one for a highlight. In reality, it is no longer full color process after the conversion but is called simulated process as it uses actual spot colors to achieve a full color image on the textile.


How do you get spot colors to drop out in photoshop.
say a black over red, but you dont want the red to drop out
where the black touches?


I have a question about Photoshop CS2.

Do I need a plug-in for spot color separation, or does Photoshop have this?


thanks for that info
really needed that for my project


Screen printing to 6 colors

Mikl Gorges

to prepare your art for halftone printing, you need to follow the 4 times rule. 4 times your lpi(dots per inch), is the screen mesh that you need. example;
my dpi is 55 line per inch. My screen mesh would be 4 times that, or 220 mesh. In photoshop you can call out your dpi and you screen angle. I use between 45 and 55. The angle for 4 color proceess are different for every studio. I use 5 for Process yel, 55 for magenta, 22for cyan, 80 for black.

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