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Fastest and the easiest way to achieve this effect. Open the original image. Duplicate the layer and saturate it. Using lasso tool or marquee select the areas you want to blend in with the color. You can use feathering to whatever extent you want. Once selected press delete. You have the effect.


Two steps????

Step 1:

Select the areas of the image you wish to be grayscale (B&W_

Step 2:

Select NEW ADJUSTMENT LAYER > Hue/Saturation and slide the saturation slider all the way to the left.

But there's a better way that takes more steps:

Take two of these...

and call me in the morning.


Michael Newman

how do you turn some areas of color picture into grayscale, while still leaving portions of the image in color? I've seen it done in two simple steps but can not find the tutorial anymore..

(PS 911: see above comment)

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