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hi i am hemanth i was a pro in creating masks used for color correcting the various parts of an image, So i would like to give a tip- when we create selections we need to see the item under the mask, so double click on a new alpha channal and change the setting to selected areas, and set the colormode majority green-251 and then set the opacity to 50%, -After following the above procedure, create a new alpha channel from the channels pallete and hit the key 'D'to get the default black and white color on the fore and bkgd color swatch,now keep all the color channels on but have only the new alpha channel selected,now go ahead u can use the shift key to navigate the brush tool along the edge of the item that u mask once u reach the staring point of the mask fill it with black completely.Now we can create channels directly from the brush by setting softness and hardness values wherever required.....Hope u got the picture bye

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