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Jessica D

Thank you so much for this, it was exactly what I needed to convert black on white sketch lines for icons into a different colour, thanks again!


Want to change to colour of a drawing to one, other colour? Why not use (right mouse click on the layer > ) Blending Options... > Color Overlay an choose the colour you want?


Here is my situation: I have a lip stain image. The lip stain itself is in a black color over a white background. I want to be able to turn the black lip stain to a red color (like lipstick). I able to remove the background white color by using the layer's "blending mode". However when i go to use photoshop's "replace color" tool...it won't work with the black color? Even if it did, the "replace color" tool also effects the transparent white. I want to actually erase the white background, not hide it. I can't believe there is not a tutorial explaining a simple way to do this.

Like Barry said, why isn't there an easy way to just replace the white color with another? The replace color tool doesn't work. Maybe i'm missing something here...but can someone please clarify. Thanks


I don't think Barry's question was answered, since I believe I have the same question and mine is still un-answered.

Fred Showker

Thanks for posting help here, Ben -- we really appreciate your stopping by.

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Barry McKay

This is exactly what I want to do - convert black line art in a photoshop document into another colour, without having to select the line art with the magic wand tool, which actually selects more than just the black line art.
The above method didn't work on my Mac, although I am using Photoshop 7.0 on MAC OSX. "Replace colour" also does not work, as you can't change black into a colour. Basically I just want to change every pixel that is R:0 G:0 B:0 to another colour (eg. such as an orange: R:255 G:173 B:58)

How do I do it?
You'd think this'd be such an easy thing to do - but it's not!

Barry McKay
Sydney Australia

Ben Willmore

If it's line art that you're working with you can try to first convert the image to RGB mode (via the Image>Mode menu), then type Option-Command-` (the ` key is to the left of the number keys at the top of your keyboard) and then type Option-Command-I and you'll end up with a selection of the text. Create a new, empty layer, set your foreground color to the color you desire, then type Option-Delete to fill the selection, type Command-D to get rid of the selection and then trash the layer that contains the original line art. This is assuming that the orignal line art has BLACK lines on WHITE. If it's gray line art on almost white, you'll have to first adjust the image with Brightness/contrast or levels to force the background to white and the text to black.

If you're using Windows, then replace Option with Alt, Command with Control and Delete with Backspace.

That should do it.

-Ben Willmore

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