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I'm using Photoshop CS3, but this process should be nearly identical in previous versions of Photoshop.


If you give some picture clip it would be better

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My pal sent me an email suggesting i read this. I love it, i bookmarked your site. Keep the updates coming.


Yes that's another way making BW from color image..... Thank for remind me...

Photoshop Warrior

Great technique and some images when changed to B/W actually look very nice while maintaining the integrity of the image. Excellent tutorial!

Leia @ Adult Tricycle

I've spent hours searching and trying out tutorials. But I understood NONE of them. This one finally worked! Thank you!

WSD | Web Solutions

Brightness is one of the most important things inside black and white, while not using brightness you can lose most of the white.


Yes... I agree.. That's one of some ways in making BW foto.....
Thank for remind me.....

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