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Joe Costigan

I have an old black and white photo. I have not seen anyone describe how to add color to a pre-exisitng black and white photo? Maybejust color certain elements in the photo such as flowers, table, chair only?


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The way I've always done this is to duplicate your photo layer, use the top duplicate layer and desaturate it. Then simply erase where you want the color to show through. You can do that by either using the eraser tool, selection tool or magic wand. Put a small feather on it if you can't get a clean cut selection or have a steady enough hand for the eraser tool.


sorry, but didnt help that person at the top want to colorize a black and white image, if color doesnt exist in the first place, how can you paint back in the color of a black and white cake?

Ihsan Kamal

Hai guys,

I don;t know the uses of EXTRACT filter. But before i use to cut background smoothly. I think we can remove backgrounds without human hair. And what is the other uses of it ?


take the colorized picture...turn into Gracyscale mode...the turn back into RGB mode,take history brush and "paint over" the cake....



I've only worked with Photoshop but I hear Elements has some of the same elements as Photoshop, so I hope you could do this...

You'll need
A. Desaturate option (or what ever Elements offers to turn an individual layer black and white)
B. Option to Layer Mask or C. eraser tool

1. Open your image in Photoshop
2. Duplicate the image (to have 2 layers now)
3. Click on the top Image and what ever way you can turn that single image into a black and white (i'll refer to it as BW) without affecting the original photo.
4. Create a Layer Mask of that now BW image
5. Pick a Brush and brush away...Black to reveal White to hide (or vice versa)

If you don't have that option of Layer Mask then...this next way you'll have to be a little bit more careful.

1. Do everything until the Layer Mask spot.(Duplicate and turn the top image BW)
2. Start Erasing on the BW layer the part you want colored (here the cake) to reveal the colored image on the bottom layer while having the rest BW.

Hope that helps.

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