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Yes indeed...

Open a new adjustment layer set to "LEVELS"

In the resulting palette, just carefully move the center marker
on the slide adjuster (LEFT) until the subject is light to suit your tastes.
You may also want to compress slightly in from the left and

Once the subject is acceptable, select a soft-edged brush, and
set the foreground color to WHITE.

Click on the thumbnail square on the Adjustment layer (right thumbnail)
and begin painting the BACKGROUND back in to return it to its original
color/contrast/levels setting.

Remember that WHITE masks the effect, and BLACK allows the effect
to take place.

If the background is too blown away, then you'll do just the opposite...

To get the background "richer" drag the image to the "New Layer" icon,
and set the resulting new layer to "Multiply"

You should move that layer up and above the adjustment layer created previously.

Now, using the same brush (or one sized more appropriately to the SUBJECT of the photo,) use the ERASER tool to remove the SUBJECT from the Multiplied layer.

If the Multiplied layer is too dark, simply lighten by sliding the Opacity slider to a more transparent setting.

have fun

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