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I just used the pen tool,,and i wanna know how to edit the picture's opacity after dragging it..please help me


tolong bantuin aq buat ngedit foto dhomk!!!


I am very new to this. I want to make the backgroung all black. I dont't understand much.Can anyone make this simple for me???



I'm not sure what the best solution to this would be I guess depends on your background if that sets the scene like you placing the person in outer space...might not work so well, it would look placed on unless you did a lot of color correction which might be altering/fixing shadows, and highlights to match the background...

A possible fast soultion would be slightly blurring the edges of the person.

You could use the Blur Tool (looks like a tear drop) in the Tools Palette. Modify the brush settings like "strength: 50%" and or the Mode and just brush around the subject".

I wish I had other easier/faster solutions but I don't...I personally would try to color correct the subject and try to match the color feeling of the background. But again...that'll definitely take time and be slightly tedious if you have 250 or so students.

Hope that helps.


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