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digital photo retouching

open a new document in photoshop. Use any of the marquee tools with a feather and drag and drop both onto your new document. Use the transform tool to resize both and place on your new document. Flatten layers if you want to print.


So yeah i tried using this merging technique, but when I select the move tool and grab my image, i try to drag it to my blank canvas (base file), and it gives me the circle with the line through it, saying I can't move it there. How come?



valuable tips for this technique are also at:

and for feathering tips and tricks ues:


For another slant on hand feathering look at:

Jemme Lon

You may easily combine many photos, pictures or images with Picture Merge Genius, to create a new picture.

Saima Zakaria

the easiest way to do this is to... use move tool and drag each image one by one to the base image(where u wanna merge them all). with all new images added, different layers will be open for them individually. just place all the layers at the position u want them to be in and reduced thier opacity. Make sure that all the images are at the top of the base image, otherwise if they will be at the back then they wont be visible. Thank You.


how I do to print several imgaes en un sheet

April jackson

don't know how to merge picture and don't understand the web site u gave me can you please tell me a way that i will get it

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