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Here is a sample of how I am setting up the txt file. The Layers in Photoshop are set up the same header names.

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I'm trying to create some numbered gift certificates and would like to achieve the same outcome.

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Joe if you mean printing with actions & variable data with XMPIE feel free to shoot me an email.

Rich Camper

Error Message reads:
Could not parse the file as a data set. There are too many variables names in the first line of the test files.

Has anyone run in too this error with Photoshop while trying to import data into the data Sets (image /variables/data set/import/select file)
I receive the error above or one the says “ there are too few names in the first line”
I am saving my data for a Excel file to a Txt file ( both DOS and MS txt files) like the directions say… I have tried .cvs files also with no success.

Here is a sample of how I am setting up the txt file. The Layers in Photoshop are set up the same header names.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

First Last Street
John Doe 809 ironwood
Kent Doe2 9990 green way


There are many diffirent ways to print variable data with the help of Adobe products. Go to the VDP section at adobe.com to learn more.

Adobe: Variable Data Publishing


I want to know how to print multiple image files at once on different pages with labels.

1. Suppose we have 10 images to print.
2. Each image should be printed on different paper with its label i.e. 10 images on 10 pages.

I want to print all images at once without giving print command 10 times.

Please provide me with the information about how to solve this problem.

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