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i want How used slice at image ready Easy way

Anand bora

Thank you for the information above. It worked for me for 1 image but does not work for me on the other image. It did not work on the gif image with transparent background. I was trying it on the images at http://www.prismmath.com/images/Coloring/060911_cartoon_fruits_1.gif. The sliced images come out to be blanks. Please help me.

thank you,


I would use ImageReady although Phsp. can slice and dice too! ImageReady has more features and web friendly so to speak. (all files 72 dpi, etc.)

Use the "slice tool" in either program ("k" or shift+k) in PHSP, to divide the image and upon export, Phsp or ImageReady will write the tables.

In Phsp., you have to "file>save for web" to get the slices, generate the HTML etc.
In ImageReady it is "file>save optimized as"

Either generates the HTML with the tables.
You can edit those tables by finding the name of the slice; (name your slices) in the case you have described, it is a good idea to change the name in Phsp. or ImageReady to be able to distinguish it from the others. Such as, "centerpic".
That way you can use the same HTML and swap out same size image in the "centerpic" slice. I use this same method to create a "blank" text slice or table data with just bgcolor (no file size) which gets Image Ready to write the table for me and it will maintain its size / position. Select the slice and in the ImageReady "slice palette" pulldown from "image" to "text".

Hope it helps.

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