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The most positive method for printing the grid without
manipulaitng a lot of comands is the method I use for
landscape painting. I use a grid to establish proportions
that I draw onto my canvas to sketch the subject. I set the
grid with the photoshop grid control. I make the grid one
color and then use the line tool set to an apropriate pixel
width and with another color. I draw lines over the grid
lines on a new layer. When all grid lines are redrawn I flatten the layers and print the picture. With this method
the grid bcomes part of the picture file so save your picture to a separate file befor dong this so your original is still intact.


Put the non printing grid on how you want it, then take a screen capture (alt + PrintScreen on PC)

Open a new file, the size should be set as the size of the grab, and paste.

Crop away everything (the background of the photoshop window, etc.)except for the image with grid on it...and print.


Of course, set a square to the hight of the grid you want, with a single line across the top in the color you want for your grid.

Now select all, and choose
Edit > Define Pattern

Now in a new file to the size you want -- make a new layer and select Edit > FILL ... and select the pattern you defined.

PRESTO: new grid.

If you want 4-sided grids, then just make your initial square the size of the exact grid "cell" you want -- put a pixel line on top and side of that square.

Follow above instructions for the pattern grid.

Now, use Select > Select by Color and select the background of your grid, and DELETE.

Now your grid is set to a transparant background so you can place it over top of other images, etc.

you get the picture.



I'm not sure how to do it in Photoshop besides create one by hand. May be some of the other readers can suggest something.

But if you have Adobe's Illustrator program there is a grid pattern there that you might possibly use if you have the program. It's under the Line Segment Tool (looks like a diagnol line). Click and hold the icon till you see the other options, you'll see the Rectangular Grid Tool (grid like icon). You can change the number of rows and columns by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard.

I'd then save and bring this into Photoshop on top of your image layer.

Hope that helps.

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