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You actually dont have to do any of that! Simple right click on the background layer select "Layer from Background" then OK. TADAAAAAAAA :)


i was in my facebook profile loooking at friend and i click on block image by misstake i want to no how to anlock it please help me


You just double click on the background layer and rename it, there's no need to "Click on IMAGE go to MODE"


This worked for me--

Click Image > Mode > RGB Color

If that is not the problem, try clicking on Layer > New > Layer From Background

Hope this helps!


I burned my pics to a cd and then later tried to open them and re edit them but they are all locked and I cant do anything to them!!!!! I need help to unlock them and to figure out why this happened and how to prevent it from happening again! Please help!!

Omar Farooq


click on the image you want to edit

1) press ctrl+a to select all of the image
2) press ctrl+x to cut the image
3) create a new psd file
4) press ctrl+v to paste the image in the new psd file
5) edit it as you like

:) hope i answered the question

Best Regards
Omar Farooq


I had an enormous amount of trouble with this. None of the forums seemed to answer the question pertaining to my particular situation.

I had dragged a locked layer into another document. It *really* wanted to stay locked.
The solution for me was to convert the layer to a smart object and then rasterize it.

kenneth Crew

I you enter the above web site you will see a yellow background. I used to get it on my computer but by mistake I must have selected this in error how do I corrrect it?


Every time i open a photo it is locked. i know how to unlock files. but i want to make it so the files i open don't lock automatically.
if you know how to fix this than please tell me how.


sorry i didn't realise i posted it three times lol, sorry about that.

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