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Lift the polaroid off the glass. Like with a little masking tape or something.


PS. here is a great little video explaining how to take out moire's of images, it seems like this would also fix your newton rings


These rings can be a big problem, while there is very little way to eliminate them,(Ive heard that somtimes the air pressure will effect how much they show up) Photoshop can fix them. It is quite a task though. The first step is to select the area that the rings are effecting. a great way to do this is using a mask. Click the button under your BG/FG Color swatches that looks like a rectangle with a circle in it. In this mode, you use the paintbrush, bucket, gradient, or any other tool to mask off the area that you do/don't want to be selected (Black is masked, White is unmasked, masked is not selected, unmasked is selected) Set the brush to a mode that works well for you, and carefully "paint" over the rings. I would suggest using a brush with a feathered edge to minimize edges The black will show up as red in the mask (which can be changed to other colors in prefs). When the mask is done, click the normal mode button right next to the mask mode and check out your selection. now you are ready to try and eliminate the rings. I would suggest using the curves adjustments and play around until they are less noticable. This is a tough problem though. It will take a lot of playing around with the adjustments to completely fix it. otherwise, maybe have it scanned on a drum scanner at your local print shop, these tend to have much higher resoulution anyway, and may not be affected by newtons rings.

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