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hi guys, new here but im trying to use the direct selection tool and it wont show up stroke path when i right click on the object please someone help me


hi all.....plz can any1 help me with the stroke path command...actually when i go to the paths pallette the option of stroke path isnt active....i'v tried everything but its just not working...i make a path with the pen tool..convert it to a selection...then select a brush and make a new layer...but in the path pallette the option for stroke path isnt active(its grey) ! can any1 plz tell me wat can the problem be...

John Mayer

Never mind; I see that you can't actually paint on the Path layer. Now, how do I hide the path without duplicating the path and then deleting one. I'm sure there's a less cumbersome way. Yes, wait... command H hides that path along with the selection and the guide lines. Glad to be of service.

Well, you never know; SOMEone else might be equally clueless.

John Mayer

For some reason, the "Stroke Path" command in my Paths palette is greyed out. What am I overlooking?

Luke Kovacz

hey when i stroke a path it just stroked my anchor points. dont know what the hell is going on any suggestions?

Problem solved

Thank you PS 911 that worked for me ie pressing F5 for the brushes palette settings, ticking the spacings box and ensuring it was down to 1%


omg thank you soo much!!!


And make sure you are on a layer that is paintable...

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