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This is what worked for me...

First, convert area to black an white using "hue/saturation --> put saturation to minimum",
then use same selection to increase brightness. Use until enough white amidst the shadows ;)


can you send me how to make a website using Photoshop.

chandram mohan

sir ,
i learn the photoshop triks pls send my e mail address pls.

James Voda

You can try using the "select color" instead of hue and saturation. Select the red and start subtracting all colors except black. Then select nuetrals and do the same. Then
select white etc. This will help if you want to maintain any shading in the "chair".
If you path the chair and delete it, you lose any shading
and what from the image. I hope this helps.

Marla Mayer

I have a photo or a person I wish to put on a web site. The photo has a background that I want to remove and have the person's face on a white background. How can I do this?

Also, If I have a photo with a destracting object that I wish to remove, how can I mask the object wo it doesn't show?

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