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-Add a new layer.
-Paint over the jeans with the color you want.
-Go to the layers tab (located down right) and adjust opacity.
(you might want to use the burn tool to further adjust shades.)

Every tool where you paint over has it's own opacity and flow measured in % on the toolbar second from the top. Opacity is transparency, flow is pressure.


i know how to do it where u can turn it from black and white into color including the detail. all you have to do is go to ur image options and desaturate in adgusments.. then chose ur history brush tool and start coloring over the area u want to turn back into color. {OR} if your picture is Black and white when u begin all the have to do is go to the [color replacement tool] in ur brush tool box and choose a color and start going over the area.. it doesnt change the shodow or stitching at all!!

Ihsan Kamal

Hey may be you thinking... look man open a photo into photoshop then take image menu then


Now you can see colorize upon preview. ok good luck


How can you apply a color wash over black and white. For instance, A b&w photo, but want to turn blue jeans blue. I still want to see the shadows and the stitching in the jeans so how do you go about this? Is the secret in layering? How do you layer?? Thanks Becky


I just got adobe photoshop 4.0, having lots of trouble...Where's the book?!!! I just really want to know how to take a photo and make it all black and white except for an object...Example, a baby holding an apple. I'd like the baby in b&w holding a red apple. How??? Thanks, Becky


Go to Image/Adjustments/Hue & Saturation. There's the colorize button.


Um, as far as a colorize button, you are out of luck, there is no button that will take a b&w photo and turn it color. however if you mean how do you get access to colors in the color window, click the little triangle in the top right of the window and change to either rgb or cmyk. this will give you access to color options.

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