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Thanks for your idea, JJ, it Helped !

Tania Erasmus

Please may i have this tip?
Wraping Text Around Sphere



I want photoshop text effect text fire how do give?


Hi dear
Plz send me your tips


Pls send me few tips of photoshop.




I'm not sure what you mean by both curves...but I'm not sure if PS7 has this transform but Go to Edit > Transform > Warp and play around with that transform option. Your ways of warping depend if your text is rasterize or not but if you do rasterize it, it won't be editable anymore so I'd make a copy of that text in another layer in case you want to change it later.

If it is rasterized then play around with the handles to warp and change your text.

If your text is not rasterized you get Photoshop's mesh type warping defaults. It'll give you several ones which you can pull and push the handles.

Another option if your PS doesn't have this Edit > Transform > Warp option, you could always use the filter Spherize. Go to Filter > Distort > Spherize. Note you'll have to rasterize your text for this to work. I suggest repeating this filter several times to get your center point "bulging" out as if it closer to the viewer, this hopefully will help in making your text seem less flat on your sphere.

Also possibly blur the right and left most edge for perspective. (Things farther away are blurrier then the things closest to you the viewer) You could use the Blur Tool (looks a water drop) from the Tools Pallette to brush the blur on.

Hope that helps.

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