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Nice Try

If you have Photoshop CS you can simply apply a photo filter that will reduce the orange tint in the image. Go to image>adjustments>photo filter and apply one of the cooling filters, you can adjust the amount with the density slider. And make sure the preserve luminosity box is checked.
Merry Christmas


For a yellow/orange cast your best and quickest
route would be to head to colour balance: Image>Adjustments>colour balance.

You will be working with the midtones as a default, at this stage decrease the Red by adjusting the slider towards the Cyan. How much depends on degree of cast, work at levels of say -05 / -11 to find desired levels.

Next move is to check the shadow button, and repeat the CYAN-RED step as before.

You should also you need to increase the Green (by decreasing the Magenta) and the Blue (by decreasing the Yellow) by moving the respective sliders.

Repeat last step for the Highlights also.

Hope this helps in some way.

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