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As far as I know, for I think I've used this before, PNG has beautiful quality and supports transparency too. Why not save as PNG?


Dreamweaver MX does not seem to wha?? Compared to Front-huh? It's 2008, Adobe has a lock on this sheet, Drop FP.

Wilfred du Preez

Will you believe there may be a third choice in addition to making it a gif or matching backgrounds?

We found that FrontPage 2003 somehow inexplicably makes the white box around the jpg transparent and renders the result perfectly on an unmatched background.

Admittedly a gif is automatically produced but that gif looks awful (halo & jaggies) whereas the image on the webpage is perfect!! Now that seems to come at a price of clunky code that prevents us from attaching a target="_blank" to the link on an absolutely positioned button. So we are forced to start from scratch in Dreamweaver MX which does not seem to have the same capability of dealing with a jpeg!

So back to gif. Talk about giving with the one hand and taking with the other!!!

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